Willamette Week’s Best Food Foresters!

We were honored to be featured in Willamette Week’s “Best of Portland” issue! Here’s an excerpt from the article, which you can read in full here.

“Teague Cullen has some strong words about commercial agriculture. “Fucking bullshit,” he says. “European bullshit.”

Wearing dirt-smeared overalls emblazoned with a Green Day pin, Cullen stands under a walnut tree at the far end of Winslow Food Forest. Just over a half acre and tucked into a dead end near Portland’s southeast border with Milwaukie, Winslow initially looks chaotic and overgrown.

But that’s the way food forests are supposed to be, says Cullen, who runs the farm with his wife, Mel. Most American farms grow only one crop, he says, and farmers clear the land afterward, often by burning the fields. “So right from the beginning, it’s destruction.”

Basically a form of anti-agriculture, food forestry is based on the idea of creating an ecosystem instead of destroying one. The difference is that it’s an ecosystem made entirely of stuff you can eat, like a more nutritious Willy Wonka forest…” (Read the full article here)

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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