Week 9 Harvest Share!

week 9 harvest share

We are so in love with

Physalis peruviana 

Inca Berries, Ground Cherries, Husk Cherries…ground cherries

A delicious fruit known by many names,  these beautiful super-fruits contain antioxidants levels on par with it’s famous relative, the Goji Berry. 

As always: grown, harvested and packed by hand, then delivered to homes all over the Portland area each week!

Here’s a list of the produce that the 2015
Harvest Share members are receiving this week!

6 eggs
Rainbow chard
Inca Berries
Serrano Peppers
Summer Squash
French Breakfast Radishes
Nasturtium greens & flowers

*Clicking on highlighted  green ingredients will open a new tab

taking you to recipes or nutritional info!

Nicholas Eymann

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