Week 4 Harvest Share 2016

week 4 harvest share 2016

This week’s all about the savory and the spicy. From peppery nasturtiums to spicy heirloom Zlata radishes,

Here’s what our members are receiving this week! 

Kale Mix: Scarlet, Lacinato + Green Curl

Sautée these greens as a side dish or add them to your morning smoothie for a burst of nutrients.

Salad Mix: Orach, Red Amaranth Leaves, Beet Greens, & Nasturtium Leaves

This colorful savory salad mix is packed full of vitamins and minerals. 

Click on the ingredient buttons below to learn more about these nutritious greens.

Nasturtium Flowers

These slightly spicy edible flowers are one of my favorites! They are so cheery! Add them to your savory salad mix, or try them as a cocktail garnish!


This may be the last of our batch of raspberries. This week as I was harvesting, it was slim pickings with most of the berries having started to ferment. 

New Potatoes

Enjoy these tender new potatoes with some butter and rosemary!

Zlata (Golden) Radish

This spicy radish is a European heirloom known for it’s resistance to splitting and bolting in warmer weather. Add them to your savory salad!

Chamomile Tea (dried)

Grown, dried, and packaged by hand, this chamomile tea really hits the spot when you’re trying to unwind from a long day.

1-2 teaspoons makes 1 cup of tea.


Pair your rosemary with your new potatoes!

Click on the “button” ingredients below to discover recipes or nutritional info!

Orach Amaranth LeavesNasturtiumshttp://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=151zlata radish

grown with love

harvested and packed by hand

 delivered to families all over the Portland area each week!

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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