Week 3 Harvest Share!


Here’s what our members are receiving this week! 

Brassica Braising Greens Mix: Assorted Kales, Kohlrabi greens

Sautée these greens as a side dish or add them to your morning smoothie for a burst of nutrients.


Bake salmon on a bed of fennel fronds, or try adding the fronds to a fruit salad for a little taste of licorice.

Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers are a neutral tasting edible flower who’s petals make a gorgeous floral confetti! Use them in a frittata, sprinkle them onto a bowl of whipped cream and raspberries, or use the whole flower as a cocktail garnish. Calendula can also be used as a tea herb, or added to a bath for it’s skin soothing medicinal qualities. 


Fresh Garlic

Snap Peas


Click on the “button” ingredients below to discover recipes or nutritional info!

Calendula FrittataFennel Fronds Recipes10 Mint Recipesfresh garlic

grown with love

harvested and packed by hand

 delivered to families all over the Portland area each week!

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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