Week 2 Harvest Share 2016


This week is oh so LEMONY!

From a lemon greens flavored salad mix to lemon balm, we hope your sour tastes are satisfied this week!

Here’s what our members are receiving this week! 

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Sour Salad mix: French Sorrel, Oca Leaves, & Raspberries

Sorrel and Oca are two greens that taste lemony. Enjoy with a sprinkle of early raspberries or add some stone fruit such as nectarines or peaches. For a dressing try a simple drizzle of olive oil. Or your can balance the sour tastes with a greek yogurt-raspberry vinaigrette mixture as a dressing.

Beta Greens Mix: Chard, Spinach and Beet Leaves

Sautée these greens as a side dish or add them to your morning smoothie for a burst of nutrients.

Borage Greens

Borage greens are prickly raw but once you cook them they become smooth. The leaves can be eaten like a vegetable. Try cooking with a little butter or mixing with other cooked greens such as kale.

Borage Flowers

Borage Flowers are one of my favorite edible flowers. These beautiful blue star shaped flowers taste faintly of cucumber and make a fantastic cocktail or desert garnish. Or add them to your salads for a fun splash of color.

Lemon Balm

Check out this awesome video our farm partner Nicholas Eymann made last season all about magical lemon balm!

Boring Cooking Show: Lemon Balm

Fresh Garlic

Purple Kohlrabi

Rat Tail Radish Pods

Certainly an unappetizing name for this variety of radish pod, yet they are decidely delicious and wonderful fresh in salads or pickled!

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ChardFrench SorrelOca Borage Lemon BalmRadish Pods

grown with love

harvested and packed by hand

 delivered to families all over the Portland area each week!

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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