Week 19 Harvest Share 2016


 Here’s what our members are receiving this week! 


Check out the recipe button below for an awesome combo of Sage butter and Sunchokes!

Acorn squash



Thai chilis*

Horseradish root

These roots dug from the food forest are a nice go-to when you want some spice from your garden.It’s great to eat this time of year because it’s high in vitamin C, and also helps reduce mucus. Good for the shift to cooler weather. 

Sun chokes

Also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, these nutritious tubers are another easy abundant root vegetable to grow in a forest garden.

 Delicata squash

*Grown by our friends at Rain and Grain farm in Estacada (David and Martini)

Click on the “button” ingredients below to discover recipes or nutritional info!

Pan Fried Jerusalem Artichokes with Sage Butter109 things to do with Horseradish


grown with love

harvested and packed by hand

 delivered to families all over the Portland area each week!

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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