Week 15 Harvest Share!

week 15 harvest share

We are in week 15 out of 20, meaning there’s

only 5 more weeks to go in 2015’s Harvest Share!

As we transition into fall, let’s enjoy these assorted peppers once more.

Here’s a photo to help you identify the peppers!


From left to right and from mild to hottest,

there’s Banana Pepper, Jalapeno, Serrano,  and Birds Eye Thai Chili.

Also included in this week’s share  is a Pimento Pepper (Large Red), and Poblano Pepper (largest green one)



For a small taste of the future,this week’s share also

includes the very first apples grown in our Food Forest! 

Here’s what our members are receiving this week!

Click on  green ingredients to discover recipes or nutritional info!

Giant Turnip
Sikkim Cucumber
6 eggs
New Zealand Spinach
Assorted Peppers
2 Apples

*Those who are pregnant and nursing should not consume Lovage.


oregon tilth labelgrown with love

harvested and packed by hand

then delivered to homes all over the Portland area each week!

Nicholas Eymann

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