Week 13 Harvest Share!

week 13 harvest share

This week we are excited about Boring Corn!

This variety of sweet corn is being bred by our friend Will, who is developing the corn to thrive here in the Pacific Northwest.

We think it’s gorgeous!

We are also in love with the little heirloom watermelons, called Early Moonbeam!

This watermelon is bred by Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds in Corvallis, OR.

As always: grown, harvested and packed by hand, then delivered to homes all over the Portland area each week!

Here are the goodies our members are receiving this week!

6 eggs
Turnip Greens
Boring Sweet Corn (Will’s breeding project)
Banana Peppers
Jalapeño Peppers
Serrano Peppers
Thai Red Chili Peppers
Assorted Heirloom Tomatoes
Moonbeam Watermelon
Genovese Basil
Small Bouquet (Non-Edible)

*Click on  green ingredients to open a new page linking to recipes or nutritional info!

Nicholas Eymann

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