Week 11 Harvest Share 2016


Here’s what our members are receiving this week! 

 Purple Pole Beans

These beans are purple. Purple! Eat them the same way you’d eat green beans.

Brown Netted Cucumbers  

This heirloom from Russia is also known as Brode’ de Russie, or “Embroidered Russian” as it resembles a laced embroidery pattern. While the skin is rather tough, the insides make a nice treat for fresh eating. 


Strawberries are such a lovely iconic fruit, packed with nutrients. Check out the button below to read about their many health benefits!

Summer Squash

Sauté them as a side dish or toss them on the grill. Yum!


Most of the calendula is going to seed now, so we thought we’d include these flowers in your share one more time.

The petals are edible, the rest is medicinal. Enjoy as a floral confetti or try it as a soothing addition to a relaxing bath.

 Heirloom Cherry Tomato Medley

Yum! Tomatoes are finally here! Enjoy these for fresh snacking or in a Caprese salad!

Sweet Corn*

Enjoy these boiled or eve better: on the grill! 

Purple Basil

This purple basil is fun to cook with. Caprese salad anyone?

*This week we included some strawberries and sweet corn grown by our neighboring farmer, Muang Choy Saechao.

She uses organic methods and we ar big fans of her work. 


Click on the “button” ingredients below to discover recipes or nutritional info!

10 health benefits of strawberriesPurple Basil Cherry Tomato Caprese SaladHealing with Calendula


grown with love

harvested and packed by hand

 delivered to families all over the Portland area each week!

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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