Week 1: Harvest Share 2017


Okay here we go folks! It’s week 1 of our 2017 Harvest Share. Thank you so much to all our members this year and past for supporting us as small farmers! Yesterday was our first time having our baby along for the harvest share, and also our first year operating on this new land we are on. All and all it went pretty well! We also said goodbye to my mom who was visiting from Michigan.  It was a full first day with a couple hiccups but I think we pulled it off!  Next week should go much more smoothly.  Here’s Teague packing the first harvest Share yesterday! It was a wild enough day that I somehow didn’t snap a picture of the produce itself…. (farming with a baby is still a learning curve for this mama ! )

In this weeks’ Share:
-brassica braising mix of kale, cauliflower greens, broccoli greens
-salad mix: assorted spring lettuce
-salad burnet
-snap peas
-Sage blossoms
-baby fennel bulbs

Want to know more about the ingredients listed above? I went ahead and found articles, recipes, and nutritional facts associated with all of the above ingredients. All you have to do is click below on one of the button links to read more…

How to cook Brassica GreensSalad Burnet: An Herb that Tastes like a Cucumbersauteed sugar snap peasCooking with Sage Blossomsgrilled young fennel bulbs

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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