Portland we are back!


We are excited to announce…

Winslow Food Forest was chosen by the city of Portland

to design and plant a food forest on an empty lot on SE 34th and Sherrett!

One of our friends found out about a RFP (request for proposals) put out by Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, where they sought proposals for a vacant .68 acre lot in SE Portland.

We proposed a food forest! Portland said yes!

Now we’ll be planting out a food forest with over 200 varieties of edible plants, most of which are perennial. This includes fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, culinary and medicinal herbs, and a huge variety of heirloom vegetables. You can join us by signing up for our 2017 food forest workshop



Here’s an excerpt from our submitted proposal where we

outline how food forestry advances the city’s Climate Action Plan (CAP)

“Planting a food forest on the SE Sherrett site works to advance the city’s CAP in multiple ways. The
CAP report states that “an 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050 requires reimagining our
communities”. Planting food forests is certainly a way of reimagining the possibilities of food
production and land usage. Perennial agriculture and agroforestry systems play a key role in reducing
carbon emissions by not only reducing the Co2 emissions that happen in conventional agriculture, but
also by storing carbon in the biomass generated by the agroforestry system. We can sink carbon on the SE Sherrett site itself, and we can also help to educate the community on ways in which they can create food forests in their own backyards. This will help increase the urban forest canopy, along with providing ultra-local sources of food.”



Our farming career began in Portland, primarily in the Kenton neighborhood, where we developed empty lots into no-till edible gardens. After a year of professional farming in the city, we were certified as Permaculture Design Consultants by Toby Hemenway and the Permaculture Institute USA. Since then, we have designed a diverse range of sites, from small backyards to 8 acre farms. We’ve also run our Harvest Share and Seedling Share for 3 and 5 years, off of borrowed farmland in Boring, OR. We believe in the power of Community Supported Agriculture!



You can support our new food forest project in Portland by signing up for a Harvest Share or a Seedling Share!



Teague, Mel and Uly

It just feels right to bring our farming and food forestry back home to Portland, where our hearts belong!

Teague’s mom and dad just bought a home in the Ardenwald neighborhood where our new land is, so grandma and grandpa will be close by too!

Thus begins a new chapter in our story! 

Nice to meet you neighbor! We’re your local food foresters! 

Love, Teague, Mel, baby Uly 


The founders of WFF: Nick, Mel, Teague + baby Uly, and dogs Graham and Harvey

Melissa Manuel Cullen

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