Are you ready to take your garden to the next level? 

There is no better time than now to plant a food forest. Converting your lawn into an edible ecosystem can provide a steady, reliable yield of nutritional beautiful vegetables, herbs, fruits, edible flowers, and more! 

 We specialize in designing food forests and edible landscapes. We will help you maximize your site’s potential!

As certified Permaculture Design Consultants, we think in whole systems. We can give you recommendations for water catchment, keyline design, plant guilds, and earthworks. We also have experience raising chickens and ducks, aquaponics systems, and making biochar. Whatever your vision, we can help you lay it all out on paper so you can move forward with confidence. 

Whether you want to have an edible ecosystem in your backyard or a sprawling food forest on 5 acres, we can help you lay out your vision for an edible landscape that is both beautiful and highly productive. 

A food forest with green gage plum, cherry plum, cardoons, apricot, bee balm, blueberry, goji berry, herbs, nasturtium, strawberries. Beuford the Great Dane for scale


Edible Landscape Site Design

Our design package has 3 phases

Phase 1: Connect

Tell us about you and your project, your goals and expectations. You’ll fill out an Initial Evaluation Form to get some of the details of your project goals down in writing.

Are you ready to schedule your consultation? Send your completed Initial Evaluation Form to mel@winslowfoodforest.com

Phase 2: Site Visit/Consultation

During your site visit, we’ll discuss your project in detail with a 2 hour walk-through of your property. We’ll evaluate your site sectors, such as sun, soil, existing structures and vegetation. 

Site Visit/Consultation fee: $150 

Phase 3: Final DesignHeathers Design

After we review all information, we’ll complete a custom hand-drawn design of your property. This includes a detailed key with lists of plants and where to source them locally, plus a list of landscaping materials you might need and where to source them locally. This is when we hand off our design, either to be implemented by you or by a landscape contractor. We can make recommendations for permaculture landscapers.

Final design fee is based on our design rate of $75 per hour.

A basic design requires a minimum of 10 hours work. 

To get a quote for your custom project, please submit an Initial Evaluation Form and email it back to mel@ winslowfoodforest.com



left: beginning to sheet mulch vs right: 2 years later as an abundant edible landscape


Permaculture Design Consultation (stand alone service)

Our design/consultation rate is $75 per hour (1 hour minimum).


Our Qualifications

We have over 20 years combined gardening experience with 6 years professional experience designing, establishing, and producing FOOD from whole system food forests. We were certified in 2013 as Permaculture Design Consultants by the esteemed Toby Hemenway, author of the essential permaculture book Gaia’s Garden.  During our certification course, we were privileged to study under Larry Santoyo, Jude Hobbs, Andrew Millison, and Tom Ward. We have designed a diverse range of sites, from small backyards to 8 acre farms, to urban pollinator corridors and soil based cannabis production systems. We love this work!


Let’s get growing!

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