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We grow a delicious diversity of heirloom vegetables, culinary herbs, berries, orchard fruits, & edible flowers!

Located in Portland, Oregon 

Get your food from an edible ecosystem! 

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Our growing practices are beyond organic!


2017 Harvest Share

Do you want awesome organic produce from your local food forest?!? Sign up for a Harvest Share to treat yourself to a bounty of seasonal veggies, greens, herbs + edible flowers! We follow organic permaculture practices, giving you access to the healthiest freshest produce possible.

Just a sample of the beautiful weekly shares from our past seasons 

Membership Benefits

Diversity  & Deliciousness: you will enjoy unique varieties of heirloom produce. Your membership supports the preservation of rare edible plant species and heritage chickens.

Health: access to a wide variety of fresh organic produce provides you excellent nutrition to nourish your mind and body.

Recipes: Blogs, recipe cards and potlucks are all a part of how we love to share inspiration!

Radical Action: Everyone has to eat. Choosing to support a local source of ethically grown food is a powerful act that strengthens our food sovereignty. Our individual choices have the ability to reverberate throughout our community, creating meaningful positive change.


    What is a Food Forest?

    A Food Forest is a human designed edible forest ecosystem. Imagine wandering through a flourishing forest where almost every plant is edible...

    A mature Food Forest is comprised of taller canopy trees, usually nuts and fruits, with a sub-canopy of berries and shrubs, followed by herbs and veggies below. In the Pacific Northwest, a Food Forest consists of 7 Layers. We can count 9 layers when including marshes and mushrooms!

    Business As Usual is Not Working...

    We now recognize conventional agricultural practices to be a major contributor towards climate change, environmental destruction and desertification.

    Monoculture methods of single-species crops results in the removal of entire ecosystems. This destroys top soil with yearly deep tilling, and pollutes our waters and earth with synthetic petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. The results are fragile, unhealthy, unnatural landscapes that depend upon a staggering amount of inputs in order to operate.


    There is an alternative to industrial agriculture

    Food Forests are living proof that industrial agriculture is not the only way to feed the world. They serve as an example of a regenerative, resilient and time-tested method of growing food and cultivating humanity.  A food forest functions as a healthy closed-loop ecosystem, with each organism playing a role. Each element of the system supports the whole. The many relationships happening in an ecosystem are imitated in a food forest which:

    • builds soil and accumulates nutrients    
    • self-fertilizes, self-mulches, self-regulates
    • produces  food, fiber, medicine, materials, fodder and more
    • Sequesters Carbon, offsetting climate change
    • provides habitat for all living organisms
    • supports pollinators and beneficial insects
    • protects and enhances biodiversity


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    Winslow Food Forest is located in Portland Oregon.

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    Week 11 Harvest Share

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    Week 10 Harvest Share!

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    Week 9 Harvest Share!

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    Week 8 Harvest Share!

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