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2017 Harvest Share

June 6th  –  October 3rd 

A weekly share:

week 17 harvest shareIncludes 6-12 items per week: mostly heirloom vegetables, greens, and culinary herbs, plus edible flowers, berries and orchard fruits throughout the season.

From time to time, you’ll receive a surprise added-value item made by us for you from farm goods. This could be dried herbs, jams, or herbal teas. Members receive notice each week of what will be in their upcoming box, with recipe ideas and nutritional info! Click here to visit our photo blog of previous years weekly boxes!

Harvest Share 2017


We are excited to partner with Fair Food Farm to offer our CSA members the option of a Goat Dairy Herd Share Add On! Get a weekly share of dairy along with your produce! 

Choose between milk, yogurt, cheese, or all three! Click here to read more…



week 18 harvest shareYour Membership… 

Increases and Preserves Biodiversity: Your membership supports the preservation of rare edible plants and you will enjoy trying beautiful varieties of heirloom produce that are hard to find in the grocery store.

Boosts your Health:  A study by Colorado University examining the impact on CSA participation found that people eat more vegetables when they participate in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs! Furthermore “A diet with increased variety of fruits and vegetables has been associated with increased health benefits, having the potential to reduce disease rates (Wirt & Collins, 2009).”

Is a joyous way to eat:  Blog posts, recipe cards and potlucks are all a part of how we share inspiration on how to make the most of the produce in your weekly share!

Grows our food system:  Everyone has to eat. Choosing to support a local source of ethically grown food is a powerful act that strengthens our food sovereignty. Our individual choices have the ability to reverberate throughout our community, creating meaningful positive change. As farmers, we depend on YOU, our neighbors, to grow food in this sustainable and regenerative way.

Home Delivery Day/Time:

Home Delivery Fee: $100 ($5.50 per week)

Every Tuesday afternoon we’ll drop off at your house between 1pm-4pm

Pick up Day/Time

Every Tuesday evening 5pm-7pm


Every Tuesday June 6th -October 3rd

























Home Delivery Zone


Pick-up Locations 

Know Thy Food Cooperative

3434 SE Milwaukie Ave,

Portland, OR 97202


Winslow Food Forest *

3499 SE Sherrett st,

Portland, OR 97222

*Pedestrian or bicycle access only! There is no parking available) The 75 bus also goes right past Sherrett and 32nd)


Additional Payment Options:

Check: Please make checks out to: “Winslow Food Forest”.

Mail to:

Winslow Food Forest

4703 SE Mason Hill dr

Milwaukie, OR 97222

*Please notify us through email on the day you mail your letter, so we can set aside a share for you!


Split Payment: We can accept a split-payment for full shares, which is 1 non-refundable down payment of $297.5 with the second equal payment due May 1st, 2017. If this option works for you, please sign up below.

Split Payment

SNAP Payment with Double Up Food Bucks

snap icon

“Double Up Food Bucks” is a program available through the Portland Area CSA Coalition that doubles the purchasing power of CSA members who pay with SNAP by [up to] $200 a year! Double Up Food Bucks provides matching money to Winslow Food 
Forest, making CSA more affordable while helping farmers earn a living.

DUFBFor example, a Harvest Share normally cost $595, but will only cost you $395 with Double Up Food Bucks. In order to sign up, you need to make an initial payment of $50 (with SNAP), and then the rest of your membership cost will be spread out over 5 monthly SNAP payments June-October of $69.00

This program is only available for 1st time CSA members.

Winslow Food Forest offers you free home delivery service if you are within our pickup zone and are paying through DUFB.

In order to reserve your share with the $50 payment, we will email you a form to complete in order to authorize your SNAP benefits being used for payment.

Sign Up Now! To get started email Mel at: mel@winslowfoodforest.com 


*UPDATE* We have filled all work/trade positions for 2017. 

Would you like to trade farm work for a Harvest Share Membership? We ask for 3 hours/week (12 hours monthly) in exchange for a Harvest Share Membership. Work/Trade members must pick up their Harvest Share at the farm following their work hours. This can be a great option for folks who are low on cash, or maybe just want to experience some outdoor farm fun! This option can also give you some flexibility in choosing what goes into your share! We are able to be more flexible with our work/trades!

We have limited amount of work/trade memberships available, and we accept members first come first serve. If you are interested in this option, please email us at winslowfoodforest@gmail.com

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