A note of thanks to you….


A note of thanks to you….

 We are so fortunate to be surrounded by an incredibly supportive network of awesome folks like you, and also farmer friends who have rallied together to support us lately.

Winslow Food Forest has usually been run by the two of us, and now (due to my advanced stage of pregnancy) Teague has been running the farm alone. Both of us work off-farm jobs. I nanny and Teague picks up work at other farms as a farm hand and we both do permaculture design consultation as well.

We work long days and long weeks because we love what we do. We believe in the power of local food to heal our communities and knit us together as we build stronger connections with one another through food. One of the most impactful things you can do is to choose to eat locally, and to grow a garden.

It’s been a challenging year full of weird weather, the sad news that the landowner where we farm will be selling her property, and many personal transitions for us as a family.

We are beyond excited to welcome our little one any day now. I swear it’s not just the pregnancy hormones that have been making me tear up with gratitude towards you all.

It takes a village to raise a farm, to grow a food forest, and to nurture a new paradigm.

Just the late night ramblings of an overdue pregnant farmer. Love to you all!


Melissa Manuel Cullen

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